Who we are

Company history, goals and mission


Solo Ltd is а family-owned company. It was founded in 2003 and is constantly growing and developing through the years. Now we are one of the biggest producers of fragrant air care products and aroma systems in South-East Europe, unique for Bulgaria. Our factory and main office are located in the Bulgarian town of Shumen, near Varna Port. Currently we have customers all over Bulgaria and we are exporting to more than 10 countries worldwide. As a result of all these years of progress and self-improvement our company today is modern and efficient, strongly customer-oriented. Our goal is to give the best products and service to our partners. Our team of highly-skilled and experienced people works hard everyday to create the fragrance of your dreams. We find inspiration in nature and create with delight new and new sensations.


Our advantages

HIGH QUALITY AT A COMPETITIVE PRICE – highly skilled people, carefully selected ingredients, effective production processes are the keys to our superior products. For all SOLO AIR products we use ecologically pure essential oils turned into a little piece of fragrance magic. Our fragrances distinguish our customers among the others, adding tender invisible touch in the air, perceived only through the senses.

SERVICE – our main desire is to build mutual beneficial partnership with our customers. Being aware of the markets latest trends we will guide you in choosing the right fragrance for you. We are ready to respond at any time you have a question or assist you in solving any problem.

FLEXIBILITY - оur company is constantly changing to adapt to the newest markets tendencies. We are fully committed to offer our customers short production terms, large variety of fragrances, best service. We see opportunities where others see difficulties.

SIGNATURE SCENT – The specific corporate scent can boost the brand and help the company stand out among its competitors. We create one-of-a-kind signature scents that connect brands with customers in deeper, more memorable ways. Together we create unforgettable scents that tell a story. With Solo Air’s unique creative process we dream and design iconic scents together.

PRIVATE LABEL MANUFACTURING – With an extensive portfolio of products, we can design your air care products with the exact performance, scent and vision, strictly following your requirements.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make our partners feel extravagant, challenging and delicate at the same time. We are constantly searching for new scents inspirations and emotions. We work in partnership with our customers to better understand their strategy and philosophy. Only this way we can create and combine classic and beauty.