Aroma collections


City girl

Oriental, deep and tempting aromatic elixir. A mysterious fragrance, embodying a new exciting combination of tuberose and tonka bean notes. Enigmatic, rich and deep, sexy, seductive and bold.


The conception of the perfume’s scent rotates around the idea of natural and simple fragrance, escape from daily life, vision for individual choice and happiness.


An elegant proposal in which many of us will recognize famous designer perfume notes. А fragrance composition the result of which is fine unobtrusive scent suitable for those who prefer the fragrance to be just a background in the room.


This original and exquisite blend of sсents is designed to make you feel confident and self-satisfied. It is full of surprising ingredients. Among the most irresistible you will find rose, musk and cedar.


Musk is a whole class of fragrant substances used as base notes in perfumery. What makes it so indispensable in the perfume industry is its unique property to balance the composition and add a subtle touch of sensuality and warmth.

Vanilla and musk

Vanilla, one of the most enticing and alluring scents. In fact, it is considered a natural aphrodisiac. The sweet and warm scent of vanilla is comforting and familiar but the additional gourmand notes make it a little mysterious as well.


True floral perfection. Juicy, clean and fresh notes of bergamot and pear create a perfect calming sense complemented by earthy patchouli, musk and vanilla extract.


Gentle but yet so noticeable, the fragrance represents "an olfactive embodiment of authentic modern-day love. Top notes are Cardamom, Pink Pepper, Mint and Violet Leaf; middle notes are Pineapple, Sage, Melon, Cinnamon and Lavender; base notes are Vanilla, Chestnut, Cedar, Amberwood and Guaiac Wood.


The fragrance surprises with its dark earthy notes, and on the other side brings something gentle and uplifting. First are introduced the citrus aroma of grapefruit and orange, followed by the vivacity of pepper and fresh spices.


Extraordinary and powerful fragrance, which combines the animalistic and primary scent of leather with blooming jasmine. Outstanding and long-lasting, this fragrance conquer the human senses.


This rich, yet very fine and elegant bouquet of warm floral-oriental notes, will take you to a journey of your dreams. This extraordinary composition is made of rose, heliotrope, apricot and iris, also peach, vanilla, amber, pineapple.


The fragrance reveals a lush bouquet of sweet fruits, including passion fruit, raspberries and pears. Middle note is lily of the valley, which takes us to the sweet heliotrope flower and the sensual base of musk.


An impactful and intoxicating fragrance, with a delicate floral and intense musky character. It contains a composition of bright essences of flowers, exotic fruits and woody scents that create the feeling of a festive mood.


A perfume fragrance that is not afraid to be different. The unique and specific aroma of amber and woody notes simply cannot be mistaken. The innovation of the fragrance lies in the modern amber - a talisman with a hot spirit, a mineral that carries a mysterious note.

Incredible india

We welcome you to a journey to a world full of rich spicy-oriental, ozonic, herbaceous scents and live the magic of incredible India.


The fragrance is designed to break all clichés, offering something new and modern, and at the same time powerful and elegant. The key notes of the composition are orange, honey, patchouli and gardenia, which united share a creamy, earthy and balsamic gourmet effect , with warm, deep, woody undertones.


A modern and sophisticated floral fragrance with top notes of champaca flower, mandarin and ivy leading to a heart of rose, violet and exotic orchid.


This beautiful gentle fragrance is inspired by the delicate charm of the rose, black currant and mandarin. It reminds of Mediterranean garden, bathed in the sun's rays, incarnation of pure simplicity.


Spicy - woody, elegant and expressive, this fragrance will surprise you with its intensity and animalistic nuance. A combination of fresh and slightly bitter accords of bergamot and grapefruit, accompanied by a warm spicy nuance of cinnamon, captivating cypriol and earthy guaiac wood.

Oud mood

Stylish, modern, mystical - the fragrance reveals itself subtly and sensually with notes of benzoin, Bulgarian rose, deep sweetness of vanilla, unpredictable, resinous-smoky depth of agarwood, enveloping seductive dope of Turkish rose, refined tenderness of violet.


Stylish, elegant and sensual fragrance. The composition unfolds with top notes of pink pepper, sage and tuberose. The heart of the fragrance is filled with cashmere, jasmine sambac, ylang-ylang and orange blossom, and the base is made up of amber and tuberose.


Prepare to dive into the attractive mystique world of the Orient, interlaced with sweet, sensual composition of orange blossoms and tender jasmine. The heart of the fragrance reveals the warmth of aromatic cinnamon, sweet juicy peach and luxurious chords of rose.


А whiff of floral and resin opening top notes . The amber and marine heart center notes blend in with sea water and ambroxan while the deep balsam and leather base notes leave an impression of suede, benzoin and incense.


The fragrance opens quiet but fiery with saffron and coriander accords. Soon the mystery deepens as a smoky blend of myrrh and olibanum incense begin to cloud the room, draping themselves around a sweet floral bouquet and an increasingly creamy, sensuously full vanilla.


The composition begins with fruity and compelling notes from bergamot and grapefruit, the heart fascinates with combination between cinnamon, saffron and red pepper.


A romantic fruity-floral combination, full of youth and freshness. Light top notes blend mandarin, neroli, violet leaves and rosewood together. Middle notes are rich of delicate white flowers - acacia, mimosa, gardenia and Ylang Ylang.


The fragrance is intense, graceful and gentle at the same time. The composition is floral – woody. It opens with citrusy accords of bergamot leading to the exotic floral heart of ylang-ylang, Casablanca lily and orange blossom.

Crystal fresh

This delicate scent is designed for all admirers of cleanness and purity. Gentle floral and herbaceous notes complete all this bouquet of pure freshness.


A deep, sensual and stylish fragrance. In the generous, enveloping trail of the fragrance, we can detect an essence of coriander seeds and an overdose of musk and vanilla.

Vanilla tobacco

The inspiration for this amazing oriental-spicy fragrance comes from the deeply attractive vanilla-tobacco cocktail. The first spray of this luxurious fragrance is rich of heavy tobacco and oriental spices, very powerful and noticeable.


Тhis gentle playful scent attracts with its freshness and aromatic sweetness. Excited floral fruity notes of Japanese pear and lotus pass into sensual romantic notes of bamboo and balm.


Oriental floral scent. Fine and unobtrusive. Top notes are orange flower and black pepper. Middle notes are peony, freesia and peach. Basic notes: amber, musk, brown sugar and white cedar wood extract.

French riviera

The fragrance opens with a moderate projection of woody and sea accords. The opening is very pleasant, unique and different. Seaweed is the most noticeable accord in the beginning, it can be described as salt, sea water and green note.


Strong, cool and pointedly fresh like Mediterranean breeze. A fragrance which rouses memories for the past and provokes dreams for the future. On the top are clean citrus scents- apple, orange, pineapple and bergamot, the heart is cool with green notes of ginger,cardamom, jasmine and musk.

Night feelings

Saturated and seductive scent, balanced with fresh woody notes. This bright strong and sensual cocktail of fragrances is emblematic for daring and chic.


Fresh breeze of citrus notes, intertwined with woody accords, lead us to a floral core, skillfully highlighted by musk and amber accords. Perfume fragrance - enchanting, memorable and extremely durable, that will conquer your senses with its mystic power.


Very delicate and at the same time long-lasting fragrance. The white lily accord at the heart of this enchanting creation blends with jasmine sambac and ylang ylang essence, revealing a sensual unique signature.


An exceptional fragrance because it achieves the difficult task of being original and distinctive, but at the same time appealing to many people. Sensual without being too heavy.

24 gold

This is fresh and sensual perfume fragrance associated with power, wealth and luxury. The flawless beauty of the aerosol and its modern design faces us in dilemma: what do we want more-the aerosol or the fragrance… and the answer is simple: both.


This is a masculine, provocative and optimistic perfume fragrance, associated with strength and success. The top notes blackcurrant, bergamot, apple and pineapple give a provocative burst of freshness.


The fragrance is inspired by the wild open spaces, the endless blue sky, rocky landscapes and the hot desert sun. This remarkable perfume masterpiece will impress you with exceptional durability.


The fragrance is characterized by a hyper-modern note of cedarwood with a velvety feel. This is one of those sexy scents that make you want to get into it.


Markedly sweet fragrance. Created on the basis of Night Queen - a rare tropical flower that blooms only for a few hours, filling the warm summer night with the aroma of vanilla.


Modern scent, inspired by the joy of life and the nonchalance on the Mediterranean islands. Soft floral and fruity notes are refreshing accessory for each type of room.

Red gem

Luminous and sophisticated, sweet yet spicy, powdery yet metallic, heady yet clean and airy. A poetic alchemy where the aerial notes of jasmine and the radiance of saffron carry mineral facets of ambergris and woody tones of a freshly cut cedar wood.


There is no way to stay indifferent to this opulent composition. Beautiful opening with green and floral notes quickly bring us to the dominant woody base of selected aromatic accords.


This woman fragrance is dynamic and passionate, combining the classic beauty with the provocative spirit of the 21st century. The fragrance carries the power of seductive modern goddess, to which no man can resist.

Rose cafe

This mind-blowing fragrance will amaze you with intense coffee aroma, in a unique composition with rich intoxicating notes of roses and spicy pepper. This rich aroma is slowly mixed with pure amber and sandalwood, incense and patchouli.


Тhe idea of disarming power of femininity is embodied in this sensual fragrance with shocking name – Hypnotic - fascinates, hypnotizes, tempts and provokes.

Blue feelings

Strong and yet airy fragrance, rich in ozonic and fresh notes, but caring the sweetness of summer flowers.


We present to you this amazing woody aromatic fragrance, coming with an explosion of freshness and joy thanks to the top notes: grapefruit, lemon, ginger, pink pepper.

Black flower

A luxury perfume fragrance with unique and magic combination of original scents. The perfect balance between intensive colorful scents of the perfume will fascinate you even from the first breath.


Fresh and sensual scent made for passionate natures. Top notes are lemon and lavender. Cypress is used to make the heart of the scent deeper. In base is passionate and seductive game between amber and patchouli.


Brilliant, inaccessible and cold, the sea is revealed in this fragrance with a pure and intangible movement. Megaparsi is a salty sweetness with green notes of seaweed and iodine notes.


Dark, smoky-woody fragrance. It opens with accords of dry green hemp aroma. It is complemented by notes of resin and woody notes mixed with tobacco, bitter aroma of roasted coffee and agarwood.


A relaxing aroma-composition dedicated to the power of the weekends. Top notes include sweet and zesty mandarine and aromatic grassy notes. They are followed by tender flower accords and finishing down with blend of specially picked woody аccords.

Chic 33

A ”floriental” scent combining a powdery and musky rose bouquet with a milky sandalwood note blended with a classic mystical aromatic top. An irresistible fragrance that speaks lovingly of the romance and passion of the desert prince.


Floral scent with warm and delicate touch. The fragrance reflects the irresistible mix of sophistication, elegance and femininity.

Exotic flowers

Eucaliptus mint

Long-lasting, strong and fresh fragrance suitable for places where many people gather to relax and unwind - SPA, massage studios and others. The freshness of mint is excellent against mental fatigue and depression, refreshes the spirit and stimulates concentration, relieves headaches, etc.

Asian garden

This is unique fragrance which leaves a mark in everyone who has touched it. This fragrance collects at the same time so many freshness and sweetness, memories about long sunny walks, having fun with friends and many smiles.

Lemon and tea

Fruity start with refreshing scent of lemon, grapefruit and bergamot which flows into the freshness of green tea and magnolia to end this trip of the senses in stable base of violets and musks.

White flowers

Presentation of the wealth and variety of all white flowers mixed with gorgeous green freshness of spring, gorgeous summer romance and tranquility of the rich autumn.

Spring rose

Fresh proposal for those who want to feel the beneficial scent which floats in the morning dew of rose gardens in the town of Kazanluk. The sensual and specific fragrance of roses is symbol of the Bulgarians and brings purity and freshness of Spring.


Fresh and airy fragrance which fascinates with unique combination between vanilla, musks, patchouli and cedarwood. Middle notes of jasmine, clove and armoise make it balm for the senses.


Pure and fine fragrance, full of intriguing mystery of femininity and trust. Elegant mix from vanilla, honey and orange flower surround the fragrance and make it obsessive and provocative.


Fragrance inspired by the forest purity and tranquility. This is the impression that the freshness of the grass and the soft scent of fallen tree needles creates.


A proposal which brings unique perception of natural freshness and purity. It is achieved from the complicated combination between vanilla, cedarwood and apple blossom.

Honey and jasmine

Exceptionally warm fruity floral composition made of jasmine, peach, honey and freesia. The base is built around the sensual scents of Cedar wood and musks.


Intriguing unisex perfume scent with captivating floral notes, leaving you with desire for adventure, joy and entertainment.

Exotic fruits


Frisky fragrance with fresh radiation, devoted to love. The passion of grapes and unique charm of vanilla orchid posses with its magnetic tonus and positive energy.


Full of energy sunny mixture. Floral and fruity fragrance, imitating real colorful rainbow. This unique fruity fragrance takes you to a magical floral garden.


Charming, delightful, totally ladylike fragrance! Top notes immediately obsess with its magnetic tonus and positive energy. Fresh dew drops with irresistible fascination precede juicy orange and grapefruit.

Wild strawberry

Incredible mixture of strawberry and green notes totally open the senses. Peach and orange flower are the middle note. Basic notes of caramel and vanilla obsess, taking the senses to a trip with triumphant elegance.


A whirlwind of bitter-sweet fruity and grassy notes, enriched with warm vanilla, leaving you with a feeling of mellowness and freshness.


This joyful, adventurous fragrance comes directly from tropical Asia, adding to the atmosphere an exotic touch and green grassy nuance.

Wild cherry

The sweet and at the same time tart aroma of these popular fruits will bring the spring in the air with all its freshness and joy. Sweet vanilla is added to soften the senses and make the aroma even more playful and amusing.

Mango and pineapple

The idea of this fragrance is to be your personal oasis, exotic escape from daily life, full harmony of senses. The scent is contrast between exotic fruits and seductive flowers.


If peaches and cream form a perfect gustatory marriage, nothing can serve as better inspiration for exploring peach notes in fragrance, especially when they appear as a luscious accent to emphasize floral and green notes of this scent.


Maracuja cocktail for a summer taste at the heart of tropical nature.

Cherry and almond

This scent starts with a strong whiff of cherry. In the heart of the fragrance intertwine strawberries and raspberries which lead us to intense almond basis.


Cotton candy

This joyful, sweet fragrance fills the room with the scent of fluffy candy and sweet caramel. Enriched with vanilla and fresh citrus, it makes you adventurous and playful.


The aroma of this Cuban drink is sonorous, arousing and exciting. Favorite summer scent - irresistibly fresh and pleasant. Fragrances with hints of mojito are a colorful and modern composition, perfect for the hot summer.

Pear caramel

The fresh feeling of a just cut pear is mixed with a very rich aroma of captivating sweet caramel. A lovely fragrant combination reminding of childhood’s homemade pear pie.

Apple and heather

Fresh fruity explosion, floral heart and sweet base. There is no way to hold on this mysterious scent, combining apple, lemon, raspberry and water hyacinth.

Pina colada

Let yourself fall into unforgettable memories with this intoxicating fragrance, enriched with charming fruity accords and warm vanilla.

Sweet almond

Enjoy the soft, bittersweet, cuddly aroma of the almond, completed with the sweet and warm scent of vanilla and the elegance of musk.

Orange tart

Welcome to Grandma’s kitchen with this rich orange scent with warm cinnamon-vanilla touch.

Bubble gum

The sweet scent of bubble gum is our ode to all things delicious and fun which will truly take you back to your childhood. Relieve the happiness of your youth with this irresistible fragrance.


Inspiring fragrance with stunning result. Extremely strong and refreshing.


With this sweet, spicy fragrance we welcome you in Grandma’s kitchen, where the rich notes of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar remind of warmth and coziness, the best memories from your childhood.