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What is olfactory marketing?

The olfactory marketing is one of the most sophisticated techniques which uses our sense of smell to influence on the memory. Fragrances evoke emotions and feelings and that happens in an unconscious way.

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How does the process of creating a scent


We are starting a meeting with the client, explaining which are the values of his brand.


The client defines the purpose and the feelings he would like to communicate with his clients, such as: solvency, avant-garde, technology, security, design, proximity, agility, flexibility, professionalism.


We develop the agreed amounts according to the set parameters and deliver them in the desired location.


The specific corporate fragrance distinguishes the brand and helps distinguish it among other competitors.


Our mission

We enjoy creating new accords, discovering new sensations. Nature and all her beauties inspire us and we reinvent it every time we create. For that reason we are always near to you. We offer all our experience and knowledge in order to develop excellent products. Our great organization allows us to adapt quickly to market changes. We see new opportunities where others see difficulties.